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SMR Banker

This program takes an input file of html code and parses out the bank activity into a file which can be loaded into Excel or some other spreadsheet program. This was developed by Ogeth. Big thanks to him for making it. Once the program is downloaded onto your computer, here's how to use it:

1. Go to a bank and check the bank balance of the account you want to summarize.
2. Adjust the number of records to show how many you want to include in the totals.
3. In your browser go to Options/View Source (this is for IE anyways, other browsers may do this differently). This will create a text file of the html code of the page.
4. Save the text file onto your computer in the same directory as the SMRBanker program.
5. Go to that directory and double click SMRBanker.
6. A window will open with prompts to enter a file name. Enter the file name of the text file you just saved.
7. Enter the name of the output file which will be created.
8. You have options to use one of two kinds of delimiters or both.

After all that, you'll see the new file created in the present directory. Open it and you have your data.